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Welcome to our new Online Banking system!   With our new Online Banking system everything you see is in "real time" and all transfers you make are effective immediately.   With Online Banking you can see all the activity on your account, deposits, withdrawals, store purchases, ATM withdrawals, loan payments, and see what checks have cleared your account.   You can make transfers between your sub accounts and loan payments within your account.   You can also transfer to or make loan payments to any other account within the credit union as long as they are also signed up for Online Banking!   You can view your check images online as well.

Online Banking is a free service to all our members.   It is so easy to get started, all you have to do is fill out an application (download or contact our office for an application) submit the application to our office and you are ready to go! 

You may want to read the information below before you access Online Banking for the first time.   You can also return here if you get lost or have questions about the new system.   If it's not answered here please call our office during business hours at 303-936-2299.

  1. Logon
    If you are interested in signing up for our online banking system, you will need to contact the credit union.   We will assign you a username and temporary password.   Our enhanced security will then require you to change your password when you log in for the first time.   At a minimum, the new password should be at least six characters long and have at least one number in it.   We recommend that you do not use personal information as your password, such as your social security number, birth date, or phone number.
  2. Accounts
    You have several options for viewing account balances and history in the new system. When you log in you will see all of your accounts and balances. You can then view:
    • History
      This screen gives you all of your account history, beginning with the most recent history.
    • Filtered History
      Allows you to choose select history, such as account history over the last thirty days; current month history; current and the previous month history; and date range. You can also filter the history and search for check numbers and dollar amounts.
    • Export
      Allows you to download your information
  3. Check Images
    From the account history drop down box you can view the checks you have written.
  4. Transfers between accounts
    You can make transfers between your various accounts, using the "Transfers" button, and the transfer will occur in real time.   You can also set up "recurring transfers" -- transfers that happen automatically at certain periods of time.
  5. Transfers to other members' accounts
    You can transfer to accounts of other members; however, that member must also be using Online Banking. If the other member is not using Online Banking use the "mail" button to send a transfer request to our staff. Your phone number must be included within the request.
    • To transfer to another account using Online Banking, you will need to know that member's account number and the suffix number of their sub-account or loan. For example, all savings account suffix numbers are 1, checking is 9.
    • When transferring funds from your account, the “Transfer From” will begin with your share/savings. If you choose to transfer funds from your draft/checking (or another suffix under your account) you need to use the dropdown box to scroll and select the account you want funds transferred from.
    • Next to the “Transfer To”, use the dropdown box to scroll down and select “Other Account”
    • Enter the dollar amount you are transferring and select “Continue”
    • The next screen is where you will enter the Account Number and the suffix number of the other persons sub-account (for a deposit) or loan.
  6. Mail
    You can send email messages to the credit union through this section.
  7. Make Selection
    Use this section to:
    • Change your password for accessing your account
    • Change Email Preference
    • Change User Preference
    • View Outstanding NSF’s
    • View Pending ACH
    • View Holds and Pledges
    • Change Account Descriptions
  8. Log out
    It's a good habit to always use this button when you are finished with an Online Banking session.   This is particularly true if you are using a public computer.   Otherwise, unauthorized persons could potentially access your account information.

We hope our new system will make Online Banking simple, efficient, and easy for you to use.   We welcome your comments and suggestions.   Thank you for your continued support of our credit union and our products and services.

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